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Rhode Island Fishing Articles.

Fishing Articles by Rhode Island Charter Captains.

The Charter Fishing information.

Here we have articles on various subjects written by our charter captains.  You'll find a lot of very useful information on fishing to help you improve your abilities.

Wireline trolling for Bass
by Chris Bell.   Learn some of the most important things about trolling with Wire Line, like speeds, depths, and lure types for success.

Light tackle fishing with plugs and soft plastics
by Chris Bell.  Some basicas about using plugs and soft plastic baits to catch striped bass.

Block Island Fishing the North Reef
By Chris and Earl Bell.  Tactics for fishing the reef at the north end of Block Island, drifting, trolling, etc.

Flounder Fishing Tips and Tricks
by Earl Bell.   Some useful tip and tricks for flounder fishing,  The flounder is a great eating sport fish very plentiful in Rhode Island waters during the summer.

Take the Kids Fishing
by Rene Letourneau.   We've got to get kids interested in fishing in order to perpetuate the sport, so consider taking a kid or two out on a fishing trip.

Structure Fishing Tactics
by Rene Letourneau.   Fishing rocky bottom and shorelines can be very interesting and sometimes a little verve racking, find out about it here.


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